First one after Opera played with my soup about 6 or so years ago. I’ll put up what I want, when I want in the hope that I look at it sometime later and laugh at how difficult it is to be a 23 year old genius learning for the first time [removed because it was way too personal].

I thought up the idea of starting over again in the toilet of some Airbus mid flight. Had a crazy bout of diarrhea; I mean it was just thrashing. It’s the only time I ever remember having had physical sickness because of fear, or rather that so abused concept – anxiety. That’s where the blog name comes from.

There I was on that glorious crimson chamber popping off like an AK47, wondering what I’d done to earn the throne and of course I found myself completely innocent and blameless. Which was a fraud. It was all my fault; letting myself lose too much of my responsible character, refusing to step up to obligations and definitely running out the window from love patiently knocking by my door.

Not here to tell you how drink your alcohol though, so, go you wild creature into the abyss and be steadfast in yourself.


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