Day 3 -Personal Day

Not sure how an unemployed person can take a personal day but I did it. Clearly, I’m an innovator way ahead of my time who shall only be recognized after I go home.

I originally wrote “will” instead of “shall” above. Call it too much schoolin and not enough knowledge. Call it a generative epiphany at 01:23 in line with what I’ll write about either way.

Well, I ain’t do jack-shit today. Except watch plenty YouTube videos. Music and such. I also avoided things which don’t add up generally, except when the calculations’ subject was me. Almost didn’t even write because you know how that website is the holy grail of procrast. New word alert. Yeah.

I remember more and more that the “will” is what separates those who squander their talent, content with the designated potential and those who die happy. As happy as an old car which has rusted from use. There you go, I read poetry.

It’s all up to me. It’s always been. Yet I’ve also always known. Don’t know where this is going. It was better then, so I will do more of what I willed then, and then a whole lot more.

Okay, sharp!


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