Day 5 – Where dey at?

Another personal day. Couldn’t be bothered to leave the house today. I am writing very early because I’m hitting the scene this night o! Plan is to test everything I’ve been talking about and apply it. Changing any perception is an active process and that’s exactly what’s about to happen.

As for lessons from today, I can’t say there’s anything specifically. Although.. a 19 year old shared the exact sentiments I’ve been grappling with; there is nothing enlightened about playing it smaller than we are.

Sort of nervous because I’m expecting subtle confrontations with the self, and others. Must stay self aware. Self possessed. Stay woke!

Part II

I am writing this edit-update-continuation ting two days later, that’s for today’s post. Or yesterday’s? Eish.

Either way, I did actually hit the scene and it went well. Except the brokeness part, which was fucking disaster-bound because depending on others isn’t in my reportoire. Yes, that was french. But the good part was it meant I had to go home early. I did sort of manage the confrontations, although one of that sickly, sweet smile was still there.

Also, I sort of exceeded my own expectations by putting the one twos on a lass subconsciously and it worked quite well.  adds casually. Well, she was something.

The part which lets me know there is much and more to be done is that if I did have coins I wouldn’t have stopped. Danger. 


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