Day 7 – Come Take A Walk With Me

Written the day after

A big part of going this route is walking with myself. In an honest way, talking to myself about myself, out loud sometimes and silently at others. How do we unlearn anything? When that plaster is peeled back will I find exactly what was there before or do I have to grow it back? Do I even have to unlearn it or just disable its functions?

I do not know. I have not the answers. What is clear is that I must remember. Whether that erases what is now, or joins it to create the larger being, is neither here nor there. What I know is remembering is power and it feels incredible. We exist in multitudes of versions and parts and atoms, but the way we control the interactions between those is everything.

That was day 7 for me. Looking on who I am, I want to become and why. Looking at my experience without flinching or hesitation or flinching to understand that better. I went to Church and I remembered many things.

Otherwise, I watched a film in which the command of speech is rightfully highlighted as elementary to the expression of power. Timing, confidence and delivery is key.

I remain.


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