Why Language Is Important to Self Construction

I came across some tweets by the best singer I know. Basically, she speaks about external validation and how it has become confused with confidence by many.

Loving yourself is trusting in your ability, without necessarily being deluded about the limits of that ability in the specific moment. Loving what people think of you is evaluating that same ability according to what it means for others and how they perceive it.

The world has become a jungle in which we canter to the will of this large forest without ever asking what is needed for individual progress. Not in the neo-capitalist American sense but for personal development. There must be balance between the single unit as a participant of the group as far as that unit must first be self sufficient and satisfied with itself for it to use group benefits in a way which benefits it at all.

This is to say that the idea which forces people to grow beards, and find all sorts of chemicals to make hairs sprout from chins which are genetically disinclined to, the thing pushing many people to the gyms and other to buying German built cars they can’t afford is not self motivation but blending.

Blending in, that is.

So when a person posts a picture, captions it “feeling myself” all the while refreshing the notifications for the post incessantly, a dischord is revealed between what they say and what they do. If it is truly a matter of reflecting attitudes about the self, which are positive, then what point is there in needing the approval of others?

No, it is in fact an exercise in conformity. And so, dear blogships, watch carefully how language is used and how you sef use it in describing your self and feeling, and observing those of others.


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