The Good, The Bad, The Honest

I started this blog to express my journey through this dark and difficult place. To touch the light you must pass through the shadow. Which is what I forgot here, and also in time-life.

See, this all is not about only going through good times, and celebrating them .It includes that but it is also about working through the pain and persevering. Not giving up or not giving in. To continue to push until I am on the other side.

Whatever is to come, this I know; I will never give up on myself no matter how much I disappoint myself. I am enough. I am infinite.

There must be, however, one system to replace another. Why change one functional system for another? Well, for growth. As I did so long ago in 2014. Or began to do anyway; the work was slow and too a long time. Does it mean the next one must take as long? I do not know. It’ll be better to have one at all though.

Here’s to cutting down the impulsiveness. The need for friendships and friendship groups. Here’s back to solitude.

I am going to have several statements of reaffirmation which I will use to remind all myselves of who I am, as vast as I am.



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