How to Eat Your Youth Without Breaking The Plate, or Grow the Fuck Up

Every one gets crazy now and then. Goes too far. Exceeds limits. Why do I write with so many synonyms. Anyway, it is so fucking easy to say moderation blah blah but sometime it just aint work. Life be like that sometimes.

I know I have something to write for this title. I’ll be back when I remember.

  • I am back 30.03.17

I was extremely tired, and irritable last night. Never mind that. I haven’t remembered what I wanted to write herein, mostly likely because I haven’t thought about the header at all today. While this post was loading though I realized that when you eat your youth you must do so from your own plate. To have a plate you must know yourself and know who you want to be, so that you don’t end up spooning up stuff from other people’s dishes.

Another way to think about it is that the “plate” is a common plate. So you’ve got two plates. One with all the chicken, one with peas and another deadly foods, one with the slaai etc on it, and another with the stuff you brought to dinner plus what you’ve taken from the chicken one. Your plate breaks when you mindlessly add to your plate, and stupidly eat it up.

Maybe I’ll be back.


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