Day 28 – I Am Unavailable.

Like, maybe, you’re making yourself, like, too available. Lol no need to commit to last minute plans.

It’s a sinking feeling to be invited to a ting and then uninvited, innit? Perhaps it’s part of thing on-going problem of being part of this generation where we measure ourselves against meaningless, pretentious and shallow social interaction.

And there it is; how do we value and evaluate the people we have in our lives? How do they value me? I am not say that it should be 50-50% type of thing at all time but it is very important to one’s self image and the preservation of dignity that you know how to act accordingly, especially when everything else has been rebuffed.

Also, that above paragraph was written the morning after “28” so it has been particularly inspired by one of the very meaningless social interaction I was on about.

I am truly tired of having to force friendship, and to test what is and what isn’t. I owe myself and my experience the benefit of the doubt and as such I shall give it another go after which I am done. Seeing as I have already issued my warnings, I shall sit back until the ball is back in my court.



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