Day 29 – What Will People Think?

I know myself to be a person who give no thought at all to the opinions of others. Or else I care very minimally. It is one of the things I like most about myself.

Today it came up in conversation that one should be conscious of how they are perceived by others, within the self definition-world interaction space continuum. I suppose  there is merit to thinking about what others think.

I simply don’t like it because for me it proves a danger which can take over everything. Especially because I become obsessive. Take the past few years, for example. Has it not been the ultra quest to be found likable, intelligent, intellectual, charming, great to look at and funny by others which has led to a major compromise of my core values?

Think too much about what you look like, or how you are perceived i.e what will people say, can lead to a crippling second guessing of the self. Let me say here that such is the incubus of doubt. You’ll find yourself in editing bays working on one simple photo for hours on end but not for excellence, oh no. Instead you’ll do it in chase of which aesthetic you think people will like more instead of which one is most pleasing to you.

That’s the hallmark of all the greats. To be able to see something no one can, to trust your instinct, and then to show others the light dancing on your face.

Reflecting on a presentation I gave earlier this week I thought “our idea is not corporeal yet, it isn’t tangible to outsiders. We are the only ones who believe in it, meaning that when we relay it we must do so with complete conviction and charisma. That’s all we have, our conviction and charm.”

P.S. People are not entitled to my time, my energy, my answered calls, my returned emails. There is also nothing enlightened about making myself small, or in better words trying to fit in, to make other people comfortable.


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