Day 35 – First Day of School

As a part of the reinvention, and doing away with idleness, I have without a gun to my head volunteered to begin work a whole 20 days earlier than I was scheduled to. A whole 20 days. So now I am in an office where there is no work for me as yet. Simply existing, pleading to be included in whatever work it is being done.

A puppy.

And I was late this morning, smh. Like on your first day after begging for a job that I begged for. Plus really poor planning on my part because 1) I only ironed my shirt last night and not the pants. That’s a whole almost ten minutes gone, 2) I ignored the clock that read 6 a.m knowing full and well… 3) I didn’t eat breakfast. I am 6 hours in and have been hungry this entire time. Pretty sure it shows on my face. Convinced.

A hungry puppy.

They noticed the above and just gave me a task. Lol. Here we go.


P.S The task was not so much difficult as it was demanding of time and labour. Completed within an unreasonable timeframe. Lol.


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