Factors, or Things Which Should Matter and Things Which Shouldn’t

I got into a chill last night. Recklessly, roughly, suddenly. I mean, it was truly fast and just crazily done. But that isn’t my main issue.

I met two people who were deliberate in their unpleasantness, which I shan’t attempt to give justification.  I sought to be friendly, to say hi and talk to people but somehow that back fired on me completely.How? Well because I was already stepping out of my frame by trying to be nice, and talking to those people. This was worsened by a full knowledge that they have scant regard for me and that their intentions are not pure towards me, or any other person generally from my experience.

The other is that I was unreasonably cornered on an opinion. Even if my viewpoint was wrong, I was extremely uncomfortable to have put myself, and allowed myself to be put, into such an uncomfortable situation. Because I could not justify myself. Because I had to try to justify myself. Among alleged friends.

Aikona! So now, I woke up in the morning in a very funky vibe having to think about this bullshit as part of my life. Imagine!

Well while I am at it, let it not be forgotten that I am not in this game to beg for friendships anymore!


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