Twelve Whole Days

Since I last posted. A whole 32 since I last blogged properly.

The aiming, which is on going, was to read the blogs and reflect before going forward. Which didn’t happen at the time.

Anyway, I had a couple of interesting conversations with a few friends old and new, a refreshing telephone call and a couple of revelations related to the workplace, and where I see myself.

Of course it is quite a difficult process, all of this. Most days I want to give up and lay in. Not because it is difficult or because I can’t, but because I don’t want to on those days.

Then the questions springs up; why am I doing this? At all? Why don’t I just go home and sleep, take it easy and go to classes? Is it that necessary to have experience? Is it that worth it to spend all this time at a desk? And only to live for weekends? Do other people also find it difficult? Or is it because I haven’t formulated my grand plan as yet?

The other thing that happened some Twelve and Thirty days ago was this whole friendship thing. Are friends really necessary? Or am I only into them because I have become lonely? And if I have truly become lonely, when on this green earth am I going back home to myself? And how am I taking myself there? When will I get there if I am always here, at this desk, typing my life away at things which don’t matter to me?

Then a light says “hey buddy, life will pay you the wages you ask of it”.

So back to it. My quiet, resilient self. The journey was worth it and yet that does not mean the destination should be foregone.



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